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Made-to-order apparel brand. 

A portion of your purchase goes towards helping animals in need. 


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Good Soul Company is a made-to-order apparel brand. All our garments are specially hand-printed by us with love.
Due to their hand-made nature, the slight variations in every product results in a one-of-a-kind fashion statement.

Meet Poppy

Poppy is a rescue dog who was adopted on Remembrance Day by our founder, Ginny Allen. A gentle soul, Poppy is always happy to lend a helping hand at Ginny’s rider training school. She loves to be stylish, modelling her Motorsoul Bandana, available here at Good Soul for dogs and humans alike.

Show your good soul and support animals who need your help: a portion of your purchase goes towards helping animals in need.

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Good Soul mascot Golden Retriever Poppy on white, in a Motorsoul Bandana.


A rescue animal is one that has been placed in a new home after being abused, neglected, or abandoned by its previous owner.

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Do Good, Save
A Pet's Life

Choosing to adopt is saving a life. A staggering number of animals are euthanized every day because of overpopulation. If you can’t adopt, you can volunteer or foster. Fostering allows space in the shelter for other pets who can be adopted and cared for.

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Loyal, Loving,
Not Damaged

Shelter pets are often family pets who have arrived at the shelter through no fault of their own. All they need is to have a home they can call their own. They're ready and willing to give as much love as they're given and are the perfect addition to any family.

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Less Fuss,
Same Love

From puppies or kittens to seniors, you can adopt any age of pet you want. However, sometimes an older pet can adapt better to your lifestyle and you don’t have to go through the whole crazy training stages. Older pets are even more grateful to have a home.

Good Soul's mascot Poppy at the Moto Revere New Rider Night representing in her Good Soul Bandana.


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